A full month after the surgery, the lab results arrived.

They were said to be due within two weeks. Good. That way, I thought, I can plan my summer. If the cancer is gone, maybe I can attend my friend’s wedding. If the cancer lurks and various docs think I need more treatment, well…at the least, it means a lot of self-education and some big lifestyle changes.

Once the results arrive, the patient doesn’t get them, of course. Oh, no. One must attend the doctor in his office. In my case, two doctors on two separate days. That is, after all, the only way doctors get paid–by seeing and treating patients. Our system doesn’t pay for talking to the patient over the phone.

Luckily, I’m in Powell River. In Vancouver, I used to rage over having to wait four months or more for my clients to see a specialist–it played havoc with trial dates and trial preparation. Little did personal-injury clients know that most of the delay in their cases was caused not by the legal system but by the medical. But here in a town of 20,000, my wait is only another week. Just too late to get a flight to that wedding, probably.


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  1. dear dear Wolfy, did not know, silence dear friend is not good, thank God i found you.
    read cottage cheese and flax seed oil on line..
    taheebo tea drink
    drink lots of water
    lots of fresh vegis and fruit..
    love yourself…
    all this i know works because i had my own battle…am now clear…however i still eat flax cottage cheese and drink Taheebo tea
    i did not give up my coffee nor sugar ect did not go on a restricted diet… but i added cottage cheese and flax ate daily sometimes i missed it, was not allowoing myself to be in fear… just trusted…
    please read testimonials on line and Dr. Budwichs research and work…
    i did not go into the system… only had a mamogram but had other signs like large lump size of golf ball that disolved… and when i went for mamo… it was negative…
    much love to you dear friend

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