Book Cover: Bitters
Part of the Standalones series:
  • Bitters

“He would never go back, unless feet first.”

Is there life after drowning in a sea of deception? Elan lives large but real life–and his one love–elude him. If he hits bottom, can the Green Fairy save him?

Weeks after Victoria and Elan disappear on a romantic elopement, officers find a small plane at the bottom of Bitterroot Lake—with Victoria in it and no sign of Elan except remnants of the plane’s avionics in a burned-out campfire. Ray Walker, the youngest deputy sheriff in his town’s history, cannot let this case become his only failure—especially after Victoria’s sister pays a call. Meanwhile, the Green Fairy is escorting a new man-about-town to all the best places—and keeping him alive.