from dead to dynamic — without drugs!

If you belong to the ranks of The Walking Wounded, this book is an answer to your prayers. The reader will know more about care of the thyroid and adrenals than 95% of physicians in North America.

-J. Rao M.D.
Triple Board Certified

You might be much like me. I was staring at a vial of drugs and seriously wondering how many weeks of life might be left. I held those pills in my hand, hesitating. Like you, perhaps, I felt trapped, weak and hopeless—until a huge wave of rebellion surged up through all that aching tissue and I shouted—or thought I shouted—one word.


There had to be a better way to die.

I realized: what I want most of all is to die healthy! Whenever my last day arrives, I want that day to be filled with laughter, affection, energy, movement, good food and good work. I want to rise to every day’s challenge with the shout, “I’m living this life to the fullest today!”

That was not the way life would play out if I obediently took those pills.

Doesn’t everyone deserve to know about simple, safe, cheap potential solutions to the now common conditions like diabesity, fibromyalgia, or thyroid dysfunction? Everyone has the right to patient autonomy. We all have the right to analyze our own dis-eases and design our own versions of the endgame. If we make mistakes, at least the mistakes will be our own.

Eva van Loon decided to take her dead thyroid for a third opinion —with surprising results and the discovery of deep connections among the ailments that today plague so many.

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Publisher: The Pack Press