Kaimana Wolff, better known as Wolffy, is a writer of poetry, drama and fiction and leader of a small wolf-pack. She loves to travel, cook, and kick cancer’s ass all the way to the Underworld.

Kaimana’s pack currently consists of Lord Tyee, a rescued wolf-shepherd who lives with us in spirit, her daughter, Katje van Loon, and Katje’s dog, Sirius Li, a teenage Border Collie that Kaimana is proud to call her Granddog.

Other members of the pack include anyone the dogs decide are worthy of joining, so it’s getting quite large at this point, dogs being gregarious creatures. There have been many wolf-dogs in the pack — seven, at last count, though not all at the same time — and each has made a contribution to the life and culture of the pack. What the Border Collie will contribute is for the future — Lord Tyee watches on from the spirit world, guiding “the kid” as he did in life.

Throughout her insatiable loping around the planet, Wolffy has visited some exotic dens. Her Dutch family moved to Canada when she was three. Since then she’s jumped at every opportunity to see a new corner of the world. She and Katje have gone to South-East Asia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, various US states, Mexico, and Dominican Republic. Wolffy has also been to Nicaragua and Ecuador. She plans on kidnapping Katje to those places (Katje has no complaints about this).

Kaimana and Lord Tyee get caught reading in public.