Save Your Teeth and Your Wallet in Friendly Nicaragua

Have dental problems? Ever considered dental tourism? Eva van Loon saved over $16,000 by buying her new mouth in Nicaragua—and got a tan and a holiday while doing it! You can do the same. You need a guide. This is it.

Can you guess the safest country in Central America today? Nicaragua!

Can you guess the cheapest country in Central America today? Nicaragua!

Did you know that Nicaragua boasts highly trained dental professionals whose up-to-date services cost a small fraction of the same services in North America?

Did you know Nicaragua is packed with spectacular mountain scenery, great beaches, historic cities, endless sunshine and hospitable people eager for your business?

This book will help you navigate the world of dental tourism in Nicaragua, as well as teaching you enough Spanish words to keep yourself out of trouble. Eva van Loon uses her first-hand experience of Nicaragua to help you find a way to save your teeth for a fraction of what it would cost in Canada.

Dental health is essential for overall health. Bad oral health has been linked to a host of health problems, from heart attacks to cancer. If you have dental problems but trouble finding the money to fix them, give this book a read. It may just save your life — and your wallet.

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Publisher: The Pack Press