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Cured of Kings


Rebellion is yet the stuff of bliss….

Why do kings fear witches? Starry-eyed maidens once, they learned what a man's power was. They ran to the woods, to the wolves; they taught themselves true power, drawn from deep within the earth's womb. Bent crones now, they watch you. Long after the peasants revolt, the witches will be here, spinning their threads, watching your head roll upon the floor. They will be here when the princess takes your throne. They will teach your daughter, as they learned long ago, forever to be cured of kings.

Hot Dogs: A Lord Tyee Mystery

Hot Dogs is a fast-paced story that focuses on Tyee’s decision making skills and superior wolf dog thought processes, and reading it was a fascinating experience. The plot is well-crafted; the characters engaging and authentic, and the story works on a number of levels. Hot Dogs: A Lord Tyee Mystery is most highly recommended.

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Missing Eternity

Missing Eternity is a collection of poetry by Kaimana, currently in publication.

Stay tuned to her Facebook page for updates on her writing.