Hot Dogs (A Lord Tyee Mystery)

Hot Dogs

by Kaimana Wolff, as dictated by Lord Tyee

“I confess: the whole mess was my fault—I never smelled her coming.”

Lord Tyee is a wolf/German Shepherd cross who was rescued from the pound by a lawyer named Pielle. Or, as Lord Tyee calls her: Pack Leader.

Lord Tyee is a resourceful, intelligent wolf hybrid with a nose for solving mysteries. When a local dog-walker comes to Pack Leader for help after several dogs are stolen from her van, Lord Tyee is on the case. With his enhanced senses, he begins to unravel the clues behind the dogs’ disappearance, quickly sniffing out the culprit. But how to tell Pack Leader? She is frustratingly human and determined to solve the mystery – without him.

When an attempted murder rocks the case, Lord Tyee discovers that he is in greater danger than ever before…and so is Pack Leader. Can the spirited Lord Tyee solve the mystery before the would-be killer strikes again?


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Hot Dogs: A Lord Tyee Mystery

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